Traditional Indian Food Cooking Classes in Delhi with Locals.

Indian Food Cooking Classes Delhi India

Think of India and one of the first things that comes to mind is ‘food!’ Indian food is one of the leading cuisines of the world, and in India cooking is considered an art, with mothers teaching their daughters how to cook from a very early age, passing down their family recipes by show-and-tell.

Mrs Sharma has been cooking delicious food for her family for many years, and has recently begun to hold private traditional cooking classes in her own home as an extension to the family run travel business.


While you will find wonderful Indian food in many restaurants, the home-cooking of India is rather different and Mrs Sharma will teach you the sort of cooking that Indians eat in their own homes.


This is usually cheap, simple and healthy, and once you have mastered the basics, quite easy to adapt to other dishes.


This is not a commercial kitchen. Participants will be delivered to the Sharma family home by one of their private drivers, here you will learn in the typical small kitchen of an Indian home.


Afterwards you will be able to enjoy the company of the Sharma family while you eat your lunch or dinner with them.


You won’t find a more authentic Indian experience than this.


Not only will you cook and eat the food, you will also learn something about Indian culture and experience being in a typical small Indian home.


Each cooking class in delhi home is individual and designed to meet your needs in terms of time.


Basic dishes will typically include Dal, Roti, a vegetable dish, Pulao, chicken curry and of course Masala Chai. Many of these basic dishes can be adapted to your own taste.


The ability to cook an authentic Indian meal must be the ultimate ‘souvenir ‘ to take home from your trip to India. To find out more about these lessons email Tarun Sharma at