Indian Food Cooking Classes Ljubljana Slovenia

Indian Food Cooking Classes Ljubljana Slovenia

Think of India and one of the first things that comes to mind is ‘food!’ Indian food is one of the leading cuisines of the world, and in India cooking is considered an art, with mothers teaching their family recipes by show-and-tell.

I am Tarun Sharma from India and currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia with my Slovene wife.

When i was in India i use to help my mother with translation while she gave travelers Indian Food Cooking Classes which helped me grow my own knowledge about different kind of Indian Cuisines and special home recipes. Cooking is something i love and i am always happy to share.

Indian Food is very delicious and with all the different spices we use makes it authentic, special and healthy. Indian food cooking can also be lots of fun for adults and kids.

I provide the Indian Food Cooking Classes at your own home/apartment in Ljubljana or nearby and teach/prepare Indian food of your own choice (Only Vegetarian) or i could also recommend some of my own favorites for you and your family.

I also teach Yoga and provide Ayurveda Massages for health benefits. Please click here for details.


Please feel free to write me at or call me at (+38669685506) if you have any questions.