Logar Valley Tour Slovenia


Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe.
To enjoy the morning mist that adds to the beauty of the area, we normally start this tour at about 6 am (or as per the guests request).

This valley is the home of many waterfalls, including the famous Rinka waterfalls, the second highest in Slovenia.
Feel the magic as you stand under these falls, or hike to the top to experience the incredible view from the top.

On the return journey we also stop at the source of the Kamnishka Bistrica River and the Predaselj Gorge.
This is Slovenia at its very best, a place where you can feel at one with the nature.

If you have extra time we suggest making a nice circle that takes you to a hidden lake of Slovenia Jezersko and drive pass the part of Austrian alps and then also getting into a nice view point of two valleys.

This Logar Valley Tour will be a life time trip and you may wish to do it again in future with one of our private drivers in Slovenia.

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