Motorbike Tours India (16D/15N)


Jump on an authentic Royal Enfield® – India’s answer to Harley Davidson – and engage in a journey you will never forget.

Want to travel like a real Indian? Our personalized motorbike tours will show you the real India. This isn’t the India that the tourist usually sees, it’s a tour of Northern India in the raw….pure and natural.

Exploring Northern India on a motorbike is the most adventurous way to explore this vast, incredible part of India. … the ultimate in adventure with nothing between you and the dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape! In this part of Northern India you will be on top of the world, and that is exactly how you’ll feel.

The young men of the Sharma family have been travelling round the Himalayas for years. It is the part of India that they love best, and their preferred way of doing it is on a motorbike.

Their private motorbike tours will be personalized to meet your needs in terms of time, distance, difficulty and budget. You have the choice of riding your own motorbike or riding pillion behind one of the Sharma family.

These experienced young riders will take you through varied landscapes, often off the beaten path, where you can stop off at local villages for food and chai, or just to meet the people.

The Himalayan sunsets will also be a part of your Northern India tour that will remain in your memory forever.

A private motorbike tour of Northern India is the holiday in India that you will be talking about for the rest of your life.


All sorts of safety equipment will be provided: fully protected jacket, leg guards, helmet and gloves.


We would find hotels, homestays or relatively cheap and friendly guest houses depending upon requirement.

Motorbike Tours India Itinerary

Day 01. Arrival in Delhi. ( This day your driver and guide will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel in delhi )

Day 02. Delhi – Haridwar. ( This day car will drive you to haridwar village where you will stay for a night and also you will discover your Indian royal enfield motorbikes, In village you will also have time to get yourself fixed in Indian motorbike and road )

Day 03. Haridwar – Nainital. ( This day you will ride motorbikes and Nainital will be in the middle of Uttarakhand mountains, This place is very special with a beautiful lake in the middle of town )

Day 04. Nainital. ( This day we will just make a little drive around the town and discover some small towns near nainital, if you wish to do a little boat riding that is possible )

Day 05. Nainital – Pithoragarh. ( This will be a nice long drive through mountains with a lot of little towns in the middle ) Pithoragah is going to be just a stopover as after pithoragarh we will have a little rough and taugh road that takes us to munsyari.

Day 06. Pithoragarh – Munsyari. ( This day will be special with a lot of different views and you will also discover quite high cliffs on the way and you will all be surprised with how quite the roads will be )

Day 07. Munsyari. ( This day we can ride around the small town , this town gives you a beautiful view of mountains, and its beautiful Indian hill station )

Day 08. Munsyari – Chokhri. ( This day we will do the same route as on the way to munsyari for a while and later the roads are quite impressive with beautiful views again ) Its special.

Day 09. Chokhri – Ranikhet. ( Ranikhet is very non- touristic hill station with Indian military station )

Day 10. Ranikhet – Haridwar. ( Stay back in village )

Day 11. Haridwar – Solan. ( This will be very special drive , again with totally different views and road types, roads will be a lot more wider then the previous routes and motorbikes can have a bit of pace )

Day 12. Solan – shimla – solan . ( From Solan we will do a day trip to shimla which is only 60kms one way and it use to be the british capital of India during Indian summer )

Day 13. Solan – Rishikesh. ( Rishikesh is the birth place of yoga and meditation and is where the foot hills of himalaya starts )

Day 14. Rishikesh. ( Ride around some beautiful places around rishikesh , with some off roads that take you up for a beautiful sunset ) This day evening we will drop the motorbikes.

Day 15. Rishikesh – Delhi on car.

Day 16. Delhi airport drop.

Timing for the most of this trip will be flexible but preferably leaving early gives us less traffic for some busy routes.

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If there is any other requirement or have less days, please let me know and I will be very happy to assist.

Looking forward to give you all a wonderful time in India.

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