Yoga Classes and Ajurveda Marma Massage in Ljubljana Slovenia

Yoga Classes and Ajurveda Marma Massage in Ljubljana Slovenia

I am Tarun Sharma from India and now living in Ljubljana, Slovenia with my Slovene wife. As an Indian, yoga has always been part of my life. It is something that I enjoy practicing myself, and enjoy sharing with others. Me and my wife Anita did Yoga Teacher Training Course in India together and continued our self practice. We mainly did the course for our own and our family health benefits. When we made the decision to move to Slovenia I started Yoga Classes and Ajurveda Marma Massages in Ljubljana Slovenia yoga studios. I love the feeling of showing people how to breathe properly and how proper breath with asanas (Yoga Postures) can help the body/mind feel relaxed.


I teach Hatha Yoga/ Vinyasa Yoga/ Pranayama/ Yoga Nidra and Meditation. For me it`s very important to get people have more awareness of their body/mind so that they can start taking care of themselves. Most of the times we are too busy with work and we forget to take time for the most important part “our body”, “our mind” and “our health”.

I also did a few Ajurveda courses and one of my favorite was Ajurvedic Marma Massage therapy course. Marmas are the pressure points through out our body that helps in proper circulation / flow and it relaxes the nervous system. It also helps people who are in stress/ depression or suffering from some pain around the body. People can feel the benefit of the massage already in a day and the changes in the body.

When I left school I went straight to my family travel agency, Adventure Holiday Tours. I saw most of India with people from all over the world and still have a great family team working in India. I also organize a personalized trip to India which can include Yoga Retreats in India with some of the best teachers, many of whom I have had personal experience with.

Since i have seen lots of Slovenia with my Slovenian wife Anita I am doing similar work as i use to do in India, Showing tourists the best of Slovenia as private driver in Slovenia, not only the touristy sights but including some of the hidden wonders of Slovenia, that i enjoy myself. 

I also provide Indian Food Cooking classes in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Please click here for more information.

Currently I teach at Genejoga Studio.

Genejoga Studio:-
Tuesday :- 6 to 7:15pm (Traditional Hatha Yoga)

Cost of per class is around 10 to 15 euro in group but you can buy a monthly card that costs around 40 to 50 euro for 4 classes directly from the yoga studios.

I also offer private yoga class is @50 euro per class (1hour). If you plan more then one class I will give you extra discounts.

Marma Massage Prices:-

Full Body :- 50 euro (50 minutes)
Back & Shoulder :- 30 euro (30 minutes)
Face, Head & Shoulder :- 20 euro (15 minutes)

Treatment according to condition :- (please email me

Main Marma Points for boost in immunity and relaxation (including head marma, hands marma, legs marma, feet marma)
40 euro (45 minutes)

I provide massages at few massage salons in Ljubljana.
Bezigrad area, Trzin area and Ljubljana center.
I am also happy to come to your home for the massage.

Please contact me and we can fix the time and location as per your preference. (+38669685506)

For more details please email me at or whatsapp/ call at (+38669685506)